Friday, 8 April 2011

Kids and the Upcoming Election

Hello there Cubicle Buddies!

I feel like we haven't caught up in a while. 

So I was trying to think what we could discuss today.

Here's what I came up with.  How early do you teach your children about politics?

With the upcoming Federal election I was beginning to think that maybe my oldest, who is 6, should be aware of what is going on.  But how much do I teach her?

We've always taken the kids with us when we vote so that they have an idea of that process.  But really they have no idea what we are doing.  It probably looks like an adult game of Hide-and-seek to them...which isn't very hard...we always hide behind the big piece of cardboard!  Or Peekaboo with props? 

So I've been searching the internet to see what's offered.  Maybe that would give me an idea of what ages people are teaching their kids this stuff.  And let's be honest...I could use a little 'knowledge' on everything myself....

So far I've found out some neat stuff:

There's a place you can contact to get everything sent to you to have your own 'mock vote'.  They send ballot boxes, voting screens, electoral district maps, ballots, campaign posters, etc.  These are intended for schools, but I’ve heard they don’t have a problem sending to homeschools either!  How cool is that!

There are colouring pages of Prime Ministers of Canada that have snippets of information on the bottom.

Elections Canada has some teaching resources for children as young as kindergarten.  At a quick glance it looks like maybe a story that helps explain the Canadian electoral system.

That’s what I’ve found so far from other homeschoolers and a quick search myself.  Looks like starting now to teach my kids is a good idea.

Now I just have to figure out how we will tackle this.  Make a lap book?  Do a Unit Study?  So many possibilities really. 

Now the real question…do I teach them just the process?  Or do we get into the meat of things which include the dirty tricks and smear campaigns?  Oh the decisions!

I guess I’ll let you know how it all goes!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Is April Fools Day be better then Christmas?

Hello Cubicle Buddies!
Hope you had a great April Fools Day!
My oldest, Ryanne, couldn't stop planning and plotting yesterday...and she is only 6 years old!  I think she gets this from her Grandpa Keil.  He is a BIG fan of a day dedicated to pranks.
A lot of her jokes involved taking yarn and tying it to something to make something else across the room move.  So I had to gently sway her to some more traditional jokes that wouldn't end in someone tangled up
or tripping in the dark.  Especially since I am the one who would be getting up in the middle of the night.  All I need is to forget about her contraption and trip and fall on my face when I'm heading to feed the baby.
So in total we had 13 pranks pulled in our house this morning.  Harmless but fun and worth the smiles on  the girls faces.
1.  Although not an intended prank...both girls woke up almost an hour earlier then normal to run in and jump on the bed to yell 'Happy April Fools Day!'
2.  Saran Wrap taped across bedroom doors so when the girls came out they walked face first into it.  (In hindsight I say this was pretty funny since they woke us up so early)
3.  Taped the kitchen light switch down.
4.  Switched kid bowls and adult bowls in the cupboard (Charlotte's idea)
5.  Girls were sent to wash their hands in the bathroom where Dave had changed the normal light bulbs to red light bulbs.  Very creepy when you walked in...
6.  Chairs were tied to the table so you couldn't pull them out to sit down.
7.  Switched the bags in the cereal boxes so when Ryanne poured out her Honey Nut Cheerios...she got Rice Krispies instead.
8.  Food colouring in the milk.  One bag of milk was pink.  One bag was blue.  Made the cereal look interesting.  Yuck
9.  Removed all the shampoo from the shower so Daddy had to wash his hair with kid shampoo.  Yummy.  He smelled like melon!
10.  Switched Charlotte and Dave's underwear in the drawers.
11.  Someone hid my underwear.
12.  Switched the car key on Dave's key ring to the van key.  He still had the right FOB so didn't notice till he was getting in the car.
13.  And last, the kids called Grandpa Keil and told him the Big Bad Wolf had huffed and puffed and blew our house down.  Could we come and live with them?  (Ryanne's idea)
All in all a fun day.  Both Ryanne and Charlotte felt that we should play more tricks.  When I explained most people only play one or two tricks they didn't believe me.  How could people stop at only two pranks? 
Since it seems my kids would put this day up there with the excitement level of Christmas, I worry about my future and what will happen when I can no longer sway them with my ideas.....