Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A Stay at Home Mom's best friend...

Hey there Cubicle Buddies!

I don't have much time because I really need to get to bed.  But for some reason I have this big desire to tell you about my best friend.  I have many close runner ups.  My husband, my sister, my parents, my sister-in-laws, my in-laws and my friends.  They are all very caring, loving, supportive and I could not live without them either...but none of them can do everything that my best friend does. 

My best friend is there for me every day.  Whether I'm rushing out the door or having a PJ day.  I can depend on my friend to get me through a rough day or the best day of my life.  This friend has helped me to meet some really great people and get to know them better.  And my best friend is so versatile!  

I only wonder what my life would be like if I'd met my best friend earlier.  We crossed paths once or twice before we established such a close relationship when I had my job working in the mail room in Stratford.  Our relationship has changed over time but only for the better. 

My one wish is that my husband would love my best friend as much as me.

Thanks for letting me tell you about my best friend.   

Who is my best friend you ask? 

Wondering if it's you? 

Sorry, I'm afraid you were one of the runner ups.

My best friend is my cup of coffee. 

Sunday, 27 March 2011

To homeschool, or not to homeschool, that is the question...

Hello there Cubicle Buddies

I trust you are doing well?

So much to talk about since your last visit but where to start...

I think today we will cover a topic that takes up a lot of my thoughts and time.

No....not Disney....  You are so funny though!

Actually I wanted to chat about homeschooling with my kids.  A plus to starting this blog was that I could use it to document what we are doing sometimes.   Mostly for me...but if you want to read about it that's fine by me! 

I still feel very new and unsure about homeschooling.  But I do enjoy the benefits.  This week I tried a new 'way' of going about our week.  I picked a theme and planned the week around that theme.  The theme was 'apples'.  I did this for a few reasons.  I needed something to focus on for the week instead of what we'd been doing and a theme seemed to help this out.  As well, my middle child, Charlotte is showing a real interest in 'doing homeschool stuff like Ryanne'.  So we are starting with 'A' and will pick a theme each week that follows the alphabet for her benefit. 

Now, I have to tell you.  Homeschooling is VERY overwhelming.  There is a lot out there to help homeschoolers out...but you have to figure out which one you want...or which ones.  And there is lots!  And everyone recommends a different one because it worked so well for them!  But if they are all great...how do you choose! 

As well, there are lots of homeschoolers out there to meet...but everyone has their own way of homeschooling their child(ren) so it's hard to find someone to connect with.  But I keep trying.  In fact, the past few weeks I've met some people that seemed to have a similar style of teaching...and the added bonus is they have kids that are similar in age.  Now I have to find time to fit in a play date with them because our SOCIAL calendar is packed.  I put that in large letters because it seems to be the 'biggest' concern about homeschooling.  But I'm pretty sure we are ok in that department.  This week alone is packed with:  nursery school, play dates, dance class, gymnastics class, soccer, Sparks, swimming lessons and the baby sitter is watching them for a few hours one night too.  But I do understand the concern.  In fact I was worried for a while when making the decision to homeschool...until I looked at our calendar and realized how often my kids are exposed to social situations.

So all this takes up a lot of time but also my thoughts.  I second guess myself a lot.  About whether it was the right decision to make.  I know there is no 'wrong' answer and that my kids will benefit either way.  But I think part of a 'Mom's' job description is to second guess everything.  Right? 

But this week I can say I made the right decision.  I saw this when:

1.  I asked the kids if they were ready for math and they jumped up and ran to the table crying 'yeah' and got out the little bears that we use.
2.  Ryanne asked more questions then I could answer about the issues in Libya.
3.  Ryanne successfully read her 'learning to read' books to me and her dad.
4.  Ryanne and Charlotte showered their baby brother with love and gentleness
5.  Ryanne asked if we could get a book from the library about trees and how they grow
6.  Ryanne listened and answered questions asked by the guide during our tour of the Maple Sugar bush
7.  They watched  and asked questions about how the gas guys were installing our dryer.
8.  Came up with great and creative 'apple' stories to write in their apple book
9.  They played together.  Sure, they fight, but they want to play together and be together and sometimes just need help finding the right words to share or compromise...okay...not just sometimes..but they try.

This week our theme is balloons. 

Feel free to leave comments or questions if you want.  I can always use them towards another blog topic.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

True friends stay to eat...even after the fire alarm

Hey there my cubicle buddies!

Hope you had a nice weekend!

Mine was quite busy.  But fun.  The new recipe I tried out for dinner on Friday night went fine.  No real problems and everyone seemed to eat it.  So that's a good sign.  The turkey meatball soup was a lot like a homemade chicken noodle soup...but with the meatballs instead.  Little different and healthy too! 

We toured a maple sugar bush and learned about the history of making syrup and even sampled a few different types with some piping hot pancakes!  Yummy!

But tonight is what will go down in my memory book for this weekend. 

We were all looking forward to having our friends over for dinner.  It had been a while since we'd all gotten together.  So we tidied up the house and got to work on dinner.

We'll review the night with our Hindsight 20/20 goggles ok?

1.  Make sure the potatoes are cooked BEFORE you smash them with the bottom of a cooking pot.
2.  IF your potato goes flying across the kitchen for the second time...DON'T throw it at the stove out of frustration.
3.  DON'T drop half the chicken pieces on the floor as you are putting it in the oven. 
4.  IF you do drop the chicken pieces on the floor at least DON'T do this while your company is standing and watching.
5.  Apparently we DON'T cook the chicken OR the potatoes on the bottom rack of the oven or the fire alarm will go off...more than once...
6.  DON'T forget to put the bacon bits you sent your husband out to get on the salad.
7.  IF you cook more vegetables in the steamer then usual make sure you INCREASE the cooking time or they WILL come out raw.

And finally #8.  APPRECIATE the friends that will stay for dinner even through all of this and even smile and tell you how good it tastes. 

Friday, 18 March 2011

Trying out a new recipe

Hey there!

Hope you are enjoying the spring weather today!  I have a few windows open just enough to get some fresh air in...without freezing the baby.  

My 2 girls have been at grandma and grandpa's for two days and I spent yesterday running around town getting errands done.  Today I rested a bit and then decided I would finally try out that new recipe I've been wanting to try for a while.  So off to the grocery store I went.  I also picked up a Starbucks frappuccino to enjoy since it was such a nice day out.  Man was it GOOD!!!

Now, trying a new recipe may seem like nothing...but I just don't do that often.  I once heard that cooking is either a hobby and you love it...or a chore and you put it off.  I tend to think of it as a chore and dread it.  But that spring weather out there has got me hopping...and my girls and the grandparents will be home in time for dinner.  So this is a bit exciting for me!  I got the recipe from the show 'Best Recipes Ever' and it's a turkey meatball soup served with a green onion quick bread.  I'll throw a poppyseed salad together to go with this.  So, the bread is cooking and everything is chopped up and ready to go for the soup once everyone is here so it's hot and ready when served. 

Now..something you need to know about me cubicle buddy....something always goes wrong.  Ask me about the night before my wedding sometime!  So this new recipe could be an adventure.  I have to think of it that way right?  Instead of as a disaster...and hey...we can always order in pizza if it's terrible....

So...wish me luck and cross your fingers that it tastes good!  Now I better go find the thyme.....

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

How to make Ursula less scary...

Hey there cubicle buddy!

So, we should probably get to know each other a little better...don't you think? 
Do you want to start?  Or me?

OK, well I guess something you should know about me is that I have a love for Disney.  I don't consider myself an expert but I certainly know enough to carry on a lengthy conversation. 

So today when I decided the girls needed to watch a movie so I could doze on the couch with the baby, we put on The Little Mermaid.  This movie hasn't been on in our house in a while as my middle child (just turned 4 yrs old) had had a sudden unexplained fear of Ursula.  So today we would conquer her fear. 

At the end of the movie, Ursula gains power and grows into a giant octopus.  As the eyes of my middle child grew big with fear I distracted her with conversation.  We discussed how our cat might think she was huge and scary like Ursula since he is so small.  Then we decided maybe Dad was probably even bigger and scarier then she was to the cat. 

As Ursula swirled the ocean waters on the movie we continued our conversation/distraction and ended up barely watching the movie and instead talking about if Dad took a bath with the Ariel barbie it would be about the same and because Dad is just too tall to take a bath imagine  how funny that would look!  Then it turned into a conversation about how next time we go swimming in a pool we should play that Dad is Ursula and they are the mermaids and.....Voila...movie was over and no one was scared.

I didn't get my nap on the couch...but it might have been worth it...I'll keep you posted.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Why'd ya call it that?

Hi there and Hello

I admit I'm a bit nervous to do this.  But I'm trying to live by new words of advise for myself which are
"Just Do It!".  I'm what some people may call a 'procrastinator' which makes life in general a little
stressful.  For the last few days I've been trying this new 'Just Do It' way of living and I have to admit
it is so much better!  I'm not saving my dishes till the end of the day to wash.  I'm not even leaving them on
the counter to put in the dishwasher 'later'!  Today I took a book back to the library on time instead of
leaving it another day.  I'm finally finishing up the thank you cards to send in the mail from a birthday party over a month ago!  Oh...and attempting to get my kids to clean up before they move on to the next toy?  That's a brilliant idea! 

So as per usual I turned to Facebook to update my status and tell the world (or just my friends thanks to facebook security) about my new discovery.  You see I use that status update as my link to the world.  I'm a Stay at Home mom and although I try to get my kids excited about my new discoveries...they just don't seem to get how great they are sometimes.  Or on rough days with the kids it's nice to have a place to turn to that I can vent openly.  So...I update Facebook a lot.  Ask anyone on my friends list.  I often get comments about how often I update it.  So my response is always the same.  I worked in an office setting for 9 years before staying home with my kids.  I worked in a cubicle.  There was ALWAYS someone there to tell the great discoveries to.  Or to vent about what was happening.  Or to talk about the weekend.  I miss that.  So I use that status update as if they are my cubicle buddies. 
So having thought about a blog for a few reasons...today I decided to live by my new motto 'Just Do It' and set up my own blog.  To use as my 'at home' cubicle buddy.

So if you are reading this...welcome to my cubicle!  I hope you enjoy being my buddy!