Monday, 30 April 2012

Week 3

I stopped counting how many days it's been...but I believe this is the start of Week 3 of my 'healthy living'.  Once the treats were allowed back in it was tough.  It is still tough.  I know I've made some better choices but still need to get a big grip on the snacking when I'm not hungry and the type of snacks I pick.  That being said, I didn't do as badly as I thought I did this past week.  I am now only going to weigh myself once a week.  Ack!  So this morning was my weigh in.  I was up a little but again...I thought I'd be back at the beginning.  So I needed to find some incentive this morning to help me get back on track.  So I came up with 2 things.  I pulled out a pair of jeans that didn't fit me 3 weeks ago when I started.  I was able to do them up AND still I'm wearing them today.  So I'm technically down a size.  Do they look super amazing on me?  Absolutely no.  But a long t-shirt covers what isn't attractive and I will work on making them fit me better.  Right?
The 2nd thing to help me get on track is to start running again.  I've been talking with a friend about it and we even thought Monday's might be good.  So although I don't want to.  I'd rather sit in front of the TV and eat....  I am going to run with my friend tonight.  Ack!  I'm a bit nervous to run...but there is also the added nervous because I'm pretty sure she is going to run laps around me.  But I am swallowing my pride and going to try it anyway.  Plus we are going to a track.  So if I'm slowing her down she can run ahead without feeling badly. 
So things are going alright.  Could be better...but I was doing a helluva lot worse 3 weeks ago.  So baby steps for me!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Day 4 has Great News!!

I'VE MET MY GOAL!!!!  I am down 5.2 pounds!
I am obviously very happy.  I have done alright on following my Weight Watchers
points and drinking more water...not sure I'm getting in my full water intake yet, but
doing better then before.  Still want to snack constantly.... sigh....

Now I need a new goal.  I need to ponder this.  What is realistic because I know what I am experiencing now will slow down very quickly.  Ok.  I think my new goal...will be another 5 pounds by the end of May.  That would be a total of 10 pds.  And if I knock this one out of the park too...well then good for me! 

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Day 3

Day 3.  Hard to believe it's only been 3 days.  I feel like I haven't had a sweet or salty treat in months.  And I really really want one.  But my detox must last the week and it is easier to say 'no' then to have to decide.  Had this chat with a friend yesterday and it's so true.  Soon enough I will be able to have a little treat but this has been really good to see how often I snack or 'treat' myself when I really am not hungry. they are tough to break.  Why can't I have a habit that is good for me? 

I again, stepped on the scale this morning in the hopes of motivating myself to keep going...and YEAH!!!  Motivation I got!  After only 2 days I am down 3.6 pounds.  I know that the first few days will be drastic results and don't think this will keep up but YeeHAW for me!  I think of it in pounds of butter.  In two days I took 3 and a half blocks of butter off me!  Was it my butt?  My stomach?  My thighs?  Who cares!!!  It's gone! 

Of course after 2 days I think I can take on the world (and started a book last night about decluttering) and today find myself throwing things in boxes to sell or give away that I have never been able to part with before.  My DH and I agree I am perhaps delusional from lack of sweets...but I have 2 boxes now ready to get out of my house!  Again....let's hear a YeeHAW for me! 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Day 2

Hey Cubicle Buddies
Well, I survived Day 1. 
I learned that I am addicted to snacking...which I kind of already knew.
But I also learned that I 'thought' my hardest time would be in the afternoon, but
apparently it is not.  The hardest time of day was just after all the kids were down for the night!
I was certainly not hungry but the need to go get something to eat was crazy!
Worst part was I was making Banana Chocolate Chip muffins as a gift for someone during this time
frame.  But I did not break.  I did not sample one teeny tiny chocolate chip.  I picked some up several
times talking myself into it.  But I always stopped myself.  It was a wonderful feeling and an awful feeling.
So, I made some tea and knew that if that didn't work I could chew gum.

I added up my WW points and found out I didn't even use my allotment for the day! 

I am back at it today and although I know I should weigh myself every day...I do want to report that I was down 1 pound this morning!  I will take that to help me get through today ...because the need to snack today is bad!  I can almost SEE the little devil on my shoulder telling me what to get in to!  Get Lost Little Devil!!!  You will not have power over me!  :)  Stupid Little Devil. 

Alright!  I will report in again soon!

Monday, 16 April 2012

It is time...

Hi there Cubicle Buddies!
I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

I have decided that it is time.  It is time to finally take back Myself.
I have given a majority of my time and energy to my kids or family as a whole.
And this Momma needs to start taking care of herself again.
So I started today on eating well.  I know from past experience that I need to go
'cold turkey' for a week (or 2) from all treats and snacks. 
I used to go to Weight Watchers and it really helped me out.  However, finding time
to attend a meeting right now is near impossible...nor easy to do with Martin running around.
So, I will do the Weight Watchers way...but instead of a meeting...I will use this blog to
keep me on track.  I hope hope hope hope it works.  Scratch that wishy washy stuff.  I KNOW I can do this!
I am setting a goal to achieve and that is 5 pounds by the end of May (specifically my Anniversary date).  This was inspired by a friend of mine and I'm jumping on board with that goal.  :)
So I hope to update you periodically on how I am doing or to vent my frustration at how I am doing.
Feel free to share any success stories or helpful hints!