Friday, 4 November 2011

Confessions of a SAHM

Hello Cubicle Buddies

I think I've been avoiding you.  Or...I've been really busy with 3 kids?  Who need to dwell on it....

But, I think I do have to dwell on it...because in a way...this blog represents you guys.  My family and friends.

So why have I been avoiding my blog?  Because I found it hard to confess that one of my kids started school this year.  I had a few blogs about how I was homeschooling my oldest and I was enjoying it.  However, for a few reasons, she and us decided that she would start attending Grade 1 at a school...not at home.  I didn't know how to come back on here and confess this to everyone.  I was okay with the decision but I wasn't ready to share it.  Then, when I did have time to 'share' it.....issue number 2 took over.....lack of time!  My baby started crawling and I haven't stopped chasing him yet!  BOYS ARE BUSY!!!   So between chasing him, walking my oldest to and from school and somewhere in there homeschooling my middle child....I'm pretty busy these days.  I won't even mention the state of my house!

These are not excuses....just the reality I'm living in and why I've neglected you all.

So, I want to officially apologize to you all!  And since I have a habit of making lists...I will list some of my apologies.  :)

1.  I apologize for any emails I have returned very late....or not at all.  Know that I wake up in the middle of the night having suddenly remembered I didn't reply to an email.  It could haunt me...if I had time!

2.  I apologize for setting up a play date or coffee date only to turn around and realize I've double booked and have to cancel.  It's hard to keep the family calendar and my personal calendar in sync!

3.  I apologize for responding about play dates or get togethers after the dates have come and gone...

4.  I apologize for the repeated 'I'll send you an email with some dates' promise...only to forget to send said email.

5.  I apologize for the state of my house.  I will get it back in order once things slow down with my boy (heh heh...I hear you all laughing about my delusions of things slowing down).

I know I'm not alone in some or all of the above, but most of all I just want to thank all my cubicle buddies, friends and family that put up with the above and more.  I love and care about you all....I am just really unorganized right now!   Please continue to bear with me for just a little bit longer!