Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Rain Rain Go Away!!!

Hey there Cubicle Buddies!

I've got the Spring time blahs. Never knew they existed to be honest. I've heard of the Winter blues and that made sense to me. But now I'm inventing the Spring time blahs! It's so wet out! It's raining all the time! And the forecast is so depressing as it shows a week of wet with very little chance of sunshine.

I usually like Spring. I look forward to the flowers growing, the birds chirping and seeing the buds on trees. I accept that rain is a part of this process. I do! But Spring usually has a bit of SUN to go with it! Mother Nature has been teasing us this year. She gives us one or two really nice days with sun and heat...and then throws two weeks of rain at us! What did we do to make her so angry at us? I don't think I did anything.....was it you?

I so badly want that perfect Spring day where it's warm enough for shorts...but occasionally a brisk wind blows by and gives you goose bumps and brings a smile to your face as you realize Spring is finally here.

To go with my Spring time blahs I now have a sick baby. My poor 4 month old is so stuffy and coughing and can't sleep. And when baby can't sleep...mommy doesn't sleep. It all goes with the territory of having a baby. I'm not complaining about that. It's just tough to adjust to. Especially since my poor baby has spoiled me by sleeping through the night for 2 months already! So I have to adjust to lack of sleep again. And anyone who knows me knows I don't require a lot of sleep to function. I'm a night owl. Always have been and always will be. It's not uncommon to find emails from me sitting in your In Box sent at 1am. But there's a definite relationship between how much sleep I get and the level of patience I have for my kids or in general really.

So today I find myself not being the ‘perfect mom’.  I haven’t been using my ‘big girl’ words as much as I should.  Those day to day reminders I’m required to pass on like; say thank you, no you can’t have Easter candy for breakfast, take your dishes to the counter, flush the toilet, don’t yell, don’t whine, don’t kick your sister, I think you can get your own water, leave the cat alone, etc have been said with a bit of ‘edge’ to them.    
Every time I say one of these daily reminders I look out the closest window and say a little prayer for some sun.  The sun will solve everything!  We’ll be outside and happy!  No one ever gets sick when the sun is shining!  And if we are all happy and no one is sick then I’ll be well rested again!  Right? 

So I’ll put a smile on my face and I will make it through this week, sleep or not.  I know that my dream will come true and that perfect Spring day is just around the corner.  So think of me and the big smile on my face on that first day you get those goose bumps! 


  1. I would say you have fairly much summed up what I have been hearing out and around.

    I love rain, but maybe not quite this much.

    See ya Thursday,unless there is a CICOE (call incase of emergency)

  2. Sun or no sun, if you ever run into the Perfect Mom, please give her my phone number - I'd like to hire her to take over from me!!