Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Routine Versus 'Lax' Schedules for Family

Hello there Cubicle Buddies!

Can you believe that Christmas is almost a month away!  I've done nothing to prepare yet!  Nor have I begun to panic...which is probably more worrisome. 
However we had Martin's big birthday party on the weekend and it went well and I was very happy with it.  But now I find myself exhausted and have taken a few days to rest up before the Christmas Craze sets in. 

So, if you've read my blogs (as sporadic as they are) you know that I like to work towards making myself a better person.  It's a struggle as I tend to....give up.  I hate to say it like that...but it seems to be my constant.  This is not a negative of myself...just a reality.

So my newest quest will be finding routine.  We have some routine for the family, the kids have regular baths, meals around the same time, regular bedtime for the kids.  But it's the in between I want to figure out. 

But I can't expect perfection right away.  So will work a bit at a time.  So today there are two areas to work.  I want to have a regular exercise routine and ....  hmmmm...  What to tackle first.  Ok.  Have a set grocery shopping time.  Oh.  That sounds scary.  I can do this!

So, exercise.  I want to attend classes at the gym on Monday mornings and Thursday mornings.  But I think I should go at least 2 more times.  When to fit that in is the question.  Maybe I could lane swim once during the weekend.  And then regular circuit on the equipment maybe on Friday mornings.  Hmm...  that could work.  I will try this starting now for 2 weeks.

Now the regular grocery time.  Well, I could go after the gym on Monday mornings. 

Ok.  Wish me luck!


  1. some how i missed this one ... how is it going

  2. Update! Update! LOL - just noticed that I hadn't read this post. :-) Love ya!