Tuesday, 15 March 2011

How to make Ursula less scary...

Hey there cubicle buddy!

So, we should probably get to know each other a little better...don't you think? 
Do you want to start?  Or me?

OK, well I guess something you should know about me is that I have a love for Disney.  I don't consider myself an expert but I certainly know enough to carry on a lengthy conversation. 

So today when I decided the girls needed to watch a movie so I could doze on the couch with the baby, we put on The Little Mermaid.  This movie hasn't been on in our house in a while as my middle child (just turned 4 yrs old) had had a sudden unexplained fear of Ursula.  So today we would conquer her fear. 

At the end of the movie, Ursula gains power and grows into a giant octopus.  As the eyes of my middle child grew big with fear I distracted her with conversation.  We discussed how our cat might think she was huge and scary like Ursula since he is so small.  Then we decided maybe Dad was probably even bigger and scarier then she was to the cat. 

As Ursula swirled the ocean waters on the movie we continued our conversation/distraction and ended up barely watching the movie and instead talking about if Dad took a bath with the Ariel barbie it would be about the same and because Dad is just too tall to take a bath imagine  how funny that would look!  Then it turned into a conversation about how next time we go swimming in a pool we should play that Dad is Ursula and they are the mermaids and.....Voila...movie was over and no one was scared.

I didn't get my nap on the couch...but it might have been worth it...I'll keep you posted.

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  1. I totally think that next time you all go swimming in a pool you should make Dave wear a strapless black dress and a necklace with a seashell. Bwahahahaha!