Monday, 14 March 2011

Why'd ya call it that?

Hi there and Hello

I admit I'm a bit nervous to do this.  But I'm trying to live by new words of advise for myself which are
"Just Do It!".  I'm what some people may call a 'procrastinator' which makes life in general a little
stressful.  For the last few days I've been trying this new 'Just Do It' way of living and I have to admit
it is so much better!  I'm not saving my dishes till the end of the day to wash.  I'm not even leaving them on
the counter to put in the dishwasher 'later'!  Today I took a book back to the library on time instead of
leaving it another day.  I'm finally finishing up the thank you cards to send in the mail from a birthday party over a month ago!  Oh...and attempting to get my kids to clean up before they move on to the next toy?  That's a brilliant idea! 

So as per usual I turned to Facebook to update my status and tell the world (or just my friends thanks to facebook security) about my new discovery.  You see I use that status update as my link to the world.  I'm a Stay at Home mom and although I try to get my kids excited about my new discoveries...they just don't seem to get how great they are sometimes.  Or on rough days with the kids it's nice to have a place to turn to that I can vent openly.  So...I update Facebook a lot.  Ask anyone on my friends list.  I often get comments about how often I update it.  So my response is always the same.  I worked in an office setting for 9 years before staying home with my kids.  I worked in a cubicle.  There was ALWAYS someone there to tell the great discoveries to.  Or to vent about what was happening.  Or to talk about the weekend.  I miss that.  So I use that status update as if they are my cubicle buddies. 
So having thought about a blog for a few I decided to live by my new motto 'Just Do It' and set up my own blog.  To use as my 'at home' cubicle buddy.

So if you are reading this...welcome to my cubicle!  I hope you enjoy being my buddy!