Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Day 3

Day 3.  Hard to believe it's only been 3 days.  I feel like I haven't had a sweet or salty treat in months.  And I really really want one.  But my detox must last the week and it is easier to say 'no' then to have to decide.  Had this chat with a friend yesterday and it's so true.  Soon enough I will be able to have a little treat but this has been really good to see how often I snack or 'treat' myself when I really am not hungry. they are tough to break.  Why can't I have a habit that is good for me? 

I again, stepped on the scale this morning in the hopes of motivating myself to keep going...and YEAH!!!  Motivation I got!  After only 2 days I am down 3.6 pounds.  I know that the first few days will be drastic results and don't think this will keep up but YeeHAW for me!  I think of it in pounds of butter.  In two days I took 3 and a half blocks of butter off me!  Was it my butt?  My stomach?  My thighs?  Who cares!!!  It's gone! 

Of course after 2 days I think I can take on the world (and started a book last night about decluttering) and today find myself throwing things in boxes to sell or give away that I have never been able to part with before.  My DH and I agree I am perhaps delusional from lack of sweets...but I have 2 boxes now ready to get out of my house!  Again....let's hear a YeeHAW for me! 

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