Thursday, 19 April 2012

Day 4 has Great News!!

I'VE MET MY GOAL!!!!  I am down 5.2 pounds!
I am obviously very happy.  I have done alright on following my Weight Watchers
points and drinking more water...not sure I'm getting in my full water intake yet, but
doing better then before.  Still want to snack constantly.... sigh....

Now I need a new goal.  I need to ponder this.  What is realistic because I know what I am experiencing now will slow down very quickly.  Ok.  I think my new goal...will be another 5 pounds by the end of May.  That would be a total of 10 pds.  And if I knock this one out of the park too...well then good for me! 


  1. Atta, Girl.
    Don't know how I missed that you were blogging again.
    Love the enthusiasm