Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Day 2

Hey Cubicle Buddies
Well, I survived Day 1. 
I learned that I am addicted to snacking...which I kind of already knew.
But I also learned that I 'thought' my hardest time would be in the afternoon, but
apparently it is not.  The hardest time of day was just after all the kids were down for the night!
I was certainly not hungry but the need to go get something to eat was crazy!
Worst part was I was making Banana Chocolate Chip muffins as a gift for someone during this time
frame.  But I did not break.  I did not sample one teeny tiny chocolate chip.  I picked some up several
times talking myself into it.  But I always stopped myself.  It was a wonderful feeling and an awful feeling.
So, I made some tea and knew that if that didn't work I could chew gum.

I added up my WW points and found out I didn't even use my allotment for the day! 

I am back at it today and although I know I should weigh myself every day...I do want to report that I was down 1 pound this morning!  I will take that to help me get through today ...because the need to snack today is bad!  I can almost SEE the little devil on my shoulder telling me what to get in to!  Get Lost Little Devil!!!  You will not have power over me!  :)  Stupid Little Devil. 

Alright!  I will report in again soon!

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